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Our sport and computer science division is steady growing. We offer performance analytics for everybody since one year. Beside normal sprint tests and jumping tests in the gym, we have also an own spirergometry for treadmill (includes running style analysis) and for a bicycle.


With our own spiroergometry we can measure for example: pulse, breathing, lactate measurement and your capacity in sport. The following measurement results we will get through an oxygen mask, which you have to wear when you do the spiroergometry on the bike, but also when you run. We will get the results through the oxygen mask, which can measure how much you breath in and out. During your test we can see some results in a 9 panel and at the same time we can also asses the results. All that stuff we have is that we can give you better tips and suggestions that you can improve. After the spiroergometry you will have a talk about the results and we will give you a special workout plan, too.

Here you can see the data from the spiroergometry in the 9 panel.

Here is a short clip for the running style analysis with our camera (500 frames per second).

Sprint Test and Jumping Test

We also have the possibility to make sprint tests and jumping tests in the gym. With these tests we can measure the reaction at the start, but also the time from the first three meters. There is also a Shuttle Sprint with a lenght of twenty meters. It looks like this: The start is when you hear the signal and you run one minute in between these two marks till the time is over. It is an easy and fast test where you should not interpret so much in the data. For a good diagram and more information about your own performance, we have the advise to try the spiroergometry.

For our jumping test we will use a light barrier. It counts how long time you are away from the floor. In this test it is not allowed to use your hands, because it will not show your real bounce. Beside these tests we offer a standing long jump and we can measure your agility. To measure the agility we use three different excercises.