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With the new Software Football SupportTM a consistent usage from positiondates in football for fully automatic tactic analysis becomes reallity. With this software you are able to import XML data from the DFL Digital Sports database and synchronise them to the video signal. After that the programm can automatically give you all the scenes that correspond to a certain tactical situation chosen by the user. The consideration of the results occurs directly in the programm as a schematic representation on the field and in video. Then the so found scenes can be exported individually or in the block as a cut list EDL, it can be used by all current video editing programmes. Thus it is easy to analyse the games and create a video for the team meeting.

Besides using the position data you can also use the whole XML Scouting eventdatabase to build your query. The programm uses a simple SQL format to build the query.

The software is based on a new movement model for players which will show them possible passing options over more than one station, also taking into account the running, high passes or more current tactics like pressings will be automated and rated. It accounts for the running speed and the movement direction of individual players. The model was validated against trainerīs opinions and against the first 54 games of the german Bundesliga season 2014/2015. It correlates the multistage reachability of the striker with the goal difference of the final roster. The whole internal calculation is based on probabilities.

For single queries the possiblitiy exists to mix other statistics and export them as a spreadsheet. The software is able to manage a complete data bank with a huge number of games.

Possibilities with the Football Support Software

  • Calculation from local reachable players
  • Consideration of high passes with an additive model and a rating from return passes
  • Calculation from support reachable players with centrality rating
  • Query of the database similar language to SQL
  • Illustration from dominated areas in dependence with the running speed
  • Export of a cut list in the format CMX3600 with adjustable preliminary heat and caster
  • Direct import from DFL DS dates (gameinformation, events, positions) into XML format.