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We can assist you in developing sophisticated electronics, especially when it comes to "non-standard" and technically challenging projects. Virtually nothing is impossible...

HF Technology

The following picture shows a NOA and Meteosat Uplink RF section developed by us for a well known manufacturer of hydrometric measurement equipment. Our job was to design the RF and DSP circuits and PCB as well as the software development for the DSP including the necessary filter and modulation signal data handling routines:

HF Section of a Meteosat and GOES Satellite Uplink developed by Bartels


This picture gives you a view into the inside of our new WLAN antenna splitter device which combines an Ultra Low Noise Amplifier in the receive path with the capability to combine ultra high gain receiver antennas with medium gain transmitter antennas to significantly extend the distance between both stations while the complete system still complies to the ETSI/RegTP EIRP limit of 100mW:

WLAN Antenna Splitter Device developed by Bartels

IP Routing

The following picture displays an internet hardware router board, the board makes use of high speed CAM and multi queue FIFOs and is part of a new familiy of internet routers:

Internet Backbone Router developed by Bartels

DSP Technology

This PCB is a video/FAX converter which accepts a standard CCIR analog video signal and converts it according to the T.4 and T.30 as well as V.27 and V.29 standards to a FAX picture. All the necessary conversion and modulation signal processing is implemented within the DSP using software written in C developed by us. The FPGA manages the frame grabbing process and the control of the SDRAM:

Video-to-FAX Converter developed by Bartels

ASIC Design

The following picture gives a far view of the wheel house electronics of the prototype of a transponder based TPMS measurement system within the 2.45GHz band. Under contract we developed the mixed mode ASIC as well as the PCB schematic and layout including the integrated antenna. The central unit which includes the DSP and most parts of the software were designed by Bartels, too:

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Transponder developed by Bartels

Electronics Laboratory

Finally, a look into our electronics laboratory, the mobile comms. development and manufacturing:

Bartels Electronics Laboratory

Bartels :: Electronics Development
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Bartels Elektronikentwicklung - Deutsche Version Bartels Electronics Development - English Version