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Bartels System GmbH

Bartels Company Profile

Bartels System GmbH

Bartels System GmbH is a private limited company which was founded in 1988 in Munich, Germany with Oliver Bartels as majority shareholder. The purpose of Bartels System GmbH is the end-user business with products developed by Oliver Bartels F+E, our development business.

The company employs highly skilled IT engineers to provide high quality development and support.

We serve over 400 clients world-wide with more than 1000 installed Bartels AutoEngineer licences. To name just few of our satisified customers: The AutoEngineer was successfully used by Alcatel MCG to develop large parts of their extremely successful GSM network infrastructure, Tesat Spacecom uses our software to develop satellite components, and you can also find PCBs made by Bartels AutoEngineer in knitting machines (Stoll) and in ebm's world-famous fans. Bartels System GmbH also handles OEM contracts with other CAD/CAE manufacturers regarding the Bartels Autorouter (over 4000 licences sold world-wide) and provides the BAE Support center.

Oliver Bartels F+E

Oliver Bartels F+E is a sole propriertorship responsible for the research and development of the Bartels AutoEngineer and the Bartels Autorouter software and customer-specific developments. The company was founded in 1983. Oliver Bartels F+E own the software copyright and provide software to our distributors and dealers. Custom-specific developments of high-tech products are a speciality. These projects include, but are not limited to, wireless networking components, internet routers, high frequency design up to several GHz, digital modulation, e.g. QAM, COFDM, GMSK or CDMA, based on I/Q modulation, digital receivers (DDC), error correcting channel encoding/decoding methods and other DSP tasks. Specific experience exists in the automotive business.

Our project development cycles are short, and electronic hardware developed by Bartels is lighting-fast. This is the spirit which makes our boss so fond of fast means of transport. The following image is slightly dated, meanwhile, Oliver's interest has shifted towards vehicles with two wheels:

Oliver Bartels


Patents are almost inevitable with so much high-tech development going on. So far, the number of patents being granted to us is in the double-digit figures:

Bartels Patents


Mahle GmbH

Mahle GmbH serves as primary Distributor for the Bartels AutoEngineer in Germany and does the key account management. You can contact Mahle GmbH via Email at or via phone +49-(0)7021-9419 0 or FAX +49-(0)7021-9419 10.



Bartels :: Company Profile
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