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Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Downloads

Bartels AutoEngineer®

Bartels AutoEngineer®

This page allows for the download of the Bartels AutoEngineer Demo and the Bartels AutoEngineer Schematics software. Bartels AutoEngineer Demo is a free evaluation version which provides full BAE Professional functionality except for CAM and User Language output. Bartels AutoEngineer Schematics is a fully-featured schematic capture system. Bartels AutoEngineer Schematics is provided free of charge.

Important Note for Customers with Software Maintenance Contracts:
Please use the password-protected BAE Update section for downloading BAE software updates if you are a registered customer with a valid software maintenance contract.

As Bartels AutoEngineer software is a professional EDA system, it requires quite some space even in its compressed form. We decided to focus on the Windows and Linux versions, which have relatively small binaries due to modern compression technology. Please contact us if you experience download problems, or if you are interested in BAE systems for other operating system platforms such as Sun Solaris.

Please fill in and submit the following form to select the desired download:

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Legal Notes

The Bartels AutoEngineer® software is © copyrighted, the copyright belongs to Oliver Bartels F+E, Munich, Germany. The name Bartels AutoEngineer® is a registered trademark. The software is provided for evaluation purposes and exclusively under the law and jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany with place of court at Munich, Germany. As this demo version is provided for free, there is no money back guarantee, however we are of course interested in bug reports to provide the highest quality software to our customers. But in no case shall we be responsible for indirect or consequential damages. German Legislation also means that the binding software copyright rules of the European Union apply, which prohibits unauthorized duplication of this copyrighted software by third parties. You also agree not to attempt to circumvent the restrictions of the Bartels AutoEngineer Demo version by altering the software or by using keys other than those provided by us. The software may not be redistributed in whole or in part without our prior written permission. You also agree that we do not permit or support the use of this software in countries to which its export is forbidden by German law. We are interested in mirroring sites, however we want to make sure that our customers always receive the latest version, thus the demand for permission. BAE Schematics is provided on an as is basis for internal use only. Commercial redistribution is expressly prohibited.

By starting the download you agree to the above conditions and legislation. Please do not download the software if you do not agree to the above conditions or if your country does not permit the sole and binding application of German law and jurisdiction or does not permit the above mentioned liability limitations.

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Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Downloads
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Bartels AutoEngineer® Downloads - Deutsche Version Bartels AutoEngineer® Downloads - English Version