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1 Introduction
2 Language Description
2.1 Introducing User Language Programming
2.2 Lexical Conventions
2.3 Data Types and Definitions
2.4 Expressions
2.5 Control Structures
2.6 Preprocessor Statements
2.7 Syntax Definition
3 Programming System
4 BAE User Language Programs
A Conventions and Definitions
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Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: User Language Programmer's Guide :: Language Description
Bartels User Language - Programmer's Guide

Chapter 2
Language Description

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation

This chapter describes in detail the definition of the Bartels User Language and explains how to write User Language application programs. The Bartels User Language elements are explained in detail, and their usage is illustrated by examples wherever necessary. Additionally, hints are given on how to use the User Language programming environment and how to interface to the Bartels AutoEngineer.



2.1Introducing User Language Programming
2.1.1The first User Language Program
2.1.2Variables, Arithmetic and Functions
2.1.3Arrays and Control Structures
2.2Lexical Conventions
2.2.3Constants and Constant Expressions
2.2.4Terminal Symbols
2.3Data Types and Definitions
2.3.1Data Types
2.3.4Scope Rules
2.4.1Primary Expressions
2.4.2Unary Expressions
2.4.3Binary Expressions
2.4.4Expression List
2.4.5Precedence and Order of Evaluation
2.5Control Structures
2.5.4Program Flow Control
2.6Preprocessor Statements
2.6.1File Inclusion
2.6.2Constant Definition
2.6.3Conditional Compilation
2.6.4BNF Precompiler
2.6.5Program Caller Type and Undo Mechanism
2.7Syntax Definition
2-1Character Escape Sequences
2-2Reserved Words
2-4Operator Precedence and Order of Evaluation

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: User Language Programmer's Guide :: Language Description

Language Description
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