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Bartels AutoEngineer® - User Manual

Chapter 5
IC/ASIC Design

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation

The software modules described in this chapter are only available in Bartels AutoEngineer IC Design.

This chapter describes how to use the Chip Editor (IC Mask Editor), Cell Placer, and Cell Router program modules for the physical design of IC and/or ASIC mask layouts. The GDS View and CIF View program modules for importing and/or checking cell libraries and/or IC mask data in GDS and CIF format are also introduced. Unfortunately, we can't provide real design examples in this chapter because the IC manufacturing process parameters and the cell libraries of logical primitives are usually provided by the manufacturer. Although your manufacturer is unlikely to charge anything for the provision of such data in a format suitable for import into the Bartels AutoEngineer (such as GDS), the publication of this data is usually strictly prohibited by a non disclosure agreement (NDA).



5.1.1Components and Features
5.1.2IC Design System Startup
5.1.3Chip Editor Main Menu
5.1.4Chip Editor User Interface
5.1.5Chip Editor System Features
5.2IC Cell Library
5.2.1IC Pin Definitions
5.2.2IC Cell Definitions
5.3IC Mask Layout
5.3.1Creating and Editing Chip Layouts
5.3.2Cell Makros, Placement
5.3.3Text and Graphic
5.3.4Traces, Routing
5.4Cell Placer
5.4.1Cell Placer Startup
5.4.2Cell Placer Main Menu
5.4.3Cell Placer System Features
5.4.4Cell Placer Options
5.4.5Cell Placer Control
5.4.6Cell Placer Functions
5.5Cell Router
5.5.1Cell Router Startup
5.5.2Cell Router Main Menu
5.5.3Cell Router System Features
5.5.4Cell Router Options
5.5.5Cell Router Control
5.5.6Cell Router Strategy
5.5.7Cell Router Functions
5.6IC Design Data Import and Export
5.6.1GDS Data Import and Output
5.6.2CIF Data Import and Output
5-1Cell Router Strategy Parameters

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE User Manual :: IC/ASIC Design

IC/ASIC Design
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