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Bartels AutoEngineer® - User Manual

2.7 Backannotation

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation

Backward annotation with the Backannotation is always required after performing layout net list modifications such as part name changes, pin/gate swaps or alternate part package type assignments. Part names can be changed using the Netlist Part Name function from the menus for interactive part placement. Interactive pin/gate swaps are applied with the Pin/Gate Swap function from the manual part placement menu. Automatic pin/gate swap is performed with the Full Autoplacer, Single Pass Optimizer and Multi Pass Optimizer autoplacement functions, and can also be performed when using the Router P/G-Swap On option with the rip-up router of the Autorouter module. Alternate package types can be assigned using the Alternate Part submenu function during manual part placement. Note that any of the net list modifications mentioned above will get lost when re-editing the schematic without running the Backannotation.

Backannotation is fully integrated to the Schematic Editor and can be explicitely started using the Backannotation command from the Utilities menu. A feature for automatically processing pending Backannotation requests is also integrated to the Schematic Editor functions for loading schematic plans. Backannotation requests are generated when saving layouts with net list modifications such as pin/gate swaps or changed part names. Loading an SCM sheet with a pending Backannotation request automatically activates a verification menu which allows to backannotate the currently processed design. The Backannotation request is deleted after successfully running the Backannotation.

See chapter 3 for a detailed description on how Backannotation is applied.

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE User Manual :: Circuit Design :: Backannotation

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