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Bartels AutoEngineer® - User Manual

7.16 User Language Interpreter

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation


The Bartels User Language Interpreter is used for executing Bartels User Language programs which have been compiled with the Bartels User Language Compiler. The Bartels User Language Interpreter is integrated in most of Bartels AutoEngineer modules. I.e., Bartels User Language programs can be called from each of these BAE modules.

Starting User Language Programs

When calling a User Language program, the name of the program to be executed must be specified, and this program must be available in the ulcprog.vdb file of the BAE programs directory. The program name can be specified either explicitly or implicitly. An explicit User Language program call is applied with the BAE menu item Run User Script from the File menu of one of the interpreter environments Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Autorouter, CAM Processor, CAM View or Chip Editor. After activating the Run User Script function the name of the required program must be typed in; on empty string or question mark (?) input or on mouse-click to the program name query a popup menu with the available User Language programs is displayed for selecting the required program with mouse-pick.

User Language programs can also be called by keystrokes, i.e., by pressing a standard key (0, 1, ..., 9, a, b, c, ...) or a function key (F1, F2, ..., F12). This implicit program call facility is available with the BAE function menu active, i.e., this type of program call is possible at any time unless another interactive keyboard input currently is requested. The keystroke program name is build from the currently active User Language Interpreter environment (scm for Schematic Editor, ged for Layout Editor, ar for Autorouter, cam for CAM Processor, cv for CAM View, ced for Chip Editor), an underscore and the name of the pressed key. E.g., the program named scm_f4 is called when pressing function key F4 in the Schematic Editor, cam_8 is called when pressing digit key 8 in the CAM Processor, ged_r is called when pressing standard key r in the Layout Editor, ar_# is called when pressing standard key # in the Autorouter. The User Language Interpreter only performs an automatic keystroke program calls if the corresponding program is available in ulcprog.vdb.

A special method of implicit User Language program call is provided with the startup sequence of the interpreter environment. This feature automatically executes a User Language program with a predefined name when starting an interpreter environment (scm_st in Schematic Editor, ged_st in Layout Editor, ar_st in Autorouter, cam_st in CAM Processor, cv_st in CAM View), thus, e.g., allowing for automatic system parameter setup.

Bartels User Language also provides system functions for performing key programming and menu assignments. Using these functions (e.g., in User Language startup programs) provides a convenient way of dynamically changing the Bartels AutoEngineer user interface. Another special User Language system function is provided for calling User Language programs from other User Language programs.


Call the User Language program named ulprog:

FileLeft Mouse Button (LMB)
Run User ScriptLeft Mouse Button (LMB)
Program Name ?ulprog Return/Enter Key (CR)


ulcprog.vdb -- BAE User Language database in BAE programs directory

See also

User Language Compiler, Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Autorouter, CAM Processor, CAM View, userlist, Bartels User Language - Programmer's Guide


The error messages issued by the User Language Interpreter are intended to be self-explanatory.


The Bartels User Language Interpreter is a powerful tool for starting programs for the manipulation of DDB file contents and for generating CAM data. Even the BAE user interface can be considerably changed and/or extended with User Language programs. It is advisable to test each new User Language program in a non-critical environment (test software installation, test jobs, backup of real jobs, etc.) until confidence in the program is established for unrestricted use on real jobs. It is also strongly recommended to ensure security, e.g., to prevent foreign persons from implanting destructive User Language programs to ulcprog.vdb.

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE User Manual :: Utilities :: User Language Interpreter

User Language Interpreter
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