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Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE Libraries :: Schematic Libraries :: Manufacturer-specific SCM Libraries :: MC
Bartels AutoEngineer® - Symbol and Part Libraries

2.3.13 Library MC - Manufacturer: Motorola

Bartels AutoEngineer® Symbol- und Bauteilbibliotheken
Manufacturer ..............: Motorola
Design DataBase File ......: mc.ddb (52 KB; updated 26 May 2006)
Logical Library File ......: mc.def (23 KB; updated 27 September 2006)
ZIP File ..................: mc.zip (17 KB; updated 15 December 2006)
PDF File ..................: mc.pdf (40 KB; updated 06 December 2007)
SCM Sheets ................: 0
SCM Symbols ...............: 28
SCM Labels ................: 0
SCM Markers ...............: 1
Layouts ...................: 0
Layout Parts/Footprints ...: 0
Layout Padstacks ..........: 0
Layout Pads ...............: 0
Last Change ...............: 09/05/2006 16:48:02 [GMT]

Library MC - SCM Symbols/Parts
Symbol / Part Description / Function Package Assignment(s) Manufacturer(s) Marker SCM Sheets(s)
using Symbol
dsp56001 56-Bit DSP
Type: DSP56001 (PGA120MC)
pga120mc Motorola pin   09/05/2006
dsp56200 Digital Filter cascadable/adaptive
Type: DSP56200
dil28b Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68hc11 8 Bit Single-Chip CMOS Microcontroller
Type: MC68HC11 (PLCC52S)
plcc52s Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc100e131 100K ECL 4 Bit D-Flip-Flop
Type: MC100E131, SY100E131
plcc28 ON-Semiconductor, Synergy pin   09/05/2006
mc100el52 100K ECL differential D-Flip-Flop
Type: MC100EL52
so8 ON-Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
mc10125 Quad MECL to TTL Translator
Type: MC10125
default dil16 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc10131 Dual D-Type Master Slave Flip-Flop
Type: MC10131
default dil16 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc10136 Universal Hexadecimal Counter
Type: MC10136
default dil16 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc12093 f/2, f/4, f/8 Low Power Prescaler
Type: MC12093
so8 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68000 Microprocessor
Type: MC68000 (DIL64)
dil64 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68000fn Microprocessor
Type: MC68000 (PLCC68)
plcc68 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68000pga Microprocessor
Type: MC68000 (PGA68MC)
pga68mc Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68008 Microprocessor
Type: MC68008 (DIL48)
dil48 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68008fn Microprocessor
Type: MC68008 (PLCC52)
plcc52 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68020 32-Bit Virtual Memory Processor
Type: MC68020
pga104mc Motorola pin   09/05/2006
mc68302 Integrated Multiprotocol Processor (IMP)
Type: MC68302 (PGA132MC)
pga132mc Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317 Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317
default to220a Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317h Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317H (TO39)
to39 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317k Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317K (TO3)
to3 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317l Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317L (SO8)
so8 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317lm Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317LM (SO8)
so8 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm317lz Voltage Regulator positive/adjustable
Type: LM317LZ (TO92X)
to92x Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm337 Voltage Regulator negative/adjustable
Type: LM337
default to220a Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm337h Voltage Regulator negative/adjustable
Type: LM337H (TO220A)
to220a Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm337k Voltage Regulator negative/adjustable
Type: LM337K (TO3)
to3 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_lm337lm Voltage Regulator negative/adjustable
Type: LM337LM (SO8)
so8 Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_mc78xx Voltage Regulator positive
Type: MC78xx
default 78xx Motorola pin   09/05/2006
vr_mc79xx Voltage Regulator negative
Type: MC79xx
default 78xx Motorola pin   09/05/2006

Library MC - SCM Markers
Marker Last
pin 19/01/1993
Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE Libraries :: Schematic Libraries :: Manufacturer-specific SCM Libraries :: MC

Library MC - Manufacturer: Motorola
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Bibliothek MC - Hersteller: Motorola - Deutsche Version Library MC - Manufacturer: Motorola - English Version